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Topic 2 Periods of pregnancy

    The gestation period is 9 months, 40 weeks or 280 days, during which the mother and baby have to go through a difficult and difficult path before meeting each other. This period is usually divided into trimesters of pregnancy by weeks, each of which has its own characteristics and symptoms. In obstetric practice, the entire gestation period is divided into trimesters. Do not worry, the trimester is a period of three months that make up 1/3 of the entire period of gestation. There are two ways to divide pregnancy into trimesters by week. In the first, simplified method, the maximum period of child bearing (42 weeks) is divided into three equal parts, each of which includes 14 weeks. The second method is more rational, according to doctors. Here the calculation is based on 40 obstetric weeks divided as follows: 1. I trimester — from the 1st to the 13th week 2. II trimester — from the 14th to the 27th week 3. III trimester — from the 28th week to the moment of birth of the baby In the table, you can clearly see how trimesters are divided and how they should be counted. It shows that the entire pregnancy is divided conditionally into three important periods, including three calendar months. These indicators are the same for each woman, so they do not provide any individual calculations. The first trimester is the initial stage at which conception and embryo formation occur. Sometimes during this period, the expectant mother does not even suspect that a new life is being born in her body. Most often, the first symptoms begin to appear by the 4th week: a woman notices a delay in the menstrual cycle, and her body reacts sharply to the appearance of a small 'puzozhitel' malaise and nausea. The second trimester is considered the most calm and prosperous period of 'interesting situation'. At this point, the body of the expectant mother fully adapts to the fact that you need to work for two, although the figure of a woman begins to significantly change — the stomach appears, the shape is rounded, and the overall weight increases. The embryo at this stage turns from a 'tadpole' into a real human being: it forms all the important organs and systems of life, it can already move its arms and legs, suck a finger, bringing immense joy to the mother, who feels the baby's movements in the stomach. The third trimester is the most disturbing and difficult period. It lasts from 7 months until delivery. At this stage, the woman's body is actively preparing for childbirth, and the baby continues to actively grow and develop. For the development of the baby, the last three months of intrauterine life are an important preparation for independent life, so the woman must make every effort to create favorable conditions for the successful passage of the final period of formation of the baby. Despite the fact that each trimester brings with it certain difficulties for the expectant mother, all of them are wonderful and beautiful in their own way. Passing each section of the way before meeting a child, a woman acquires an invaluable experience that money cannot buy.